Pisces Season 2021

 Writer: Nayeli Marte ; Editor: Emily Harripersaud

 Welcome all to Majestical Market! Today’s topic is all about the beginning of yet another zodiac season. For the duration of this month and next month, Pisces will be the center of attention. Pisces are known to be the “lost constellation” of the zodiac, this means that they’re a representation of every learned lesson in the previous zodiac signs.  When it comes to this sign, it is the final spiritual destination that the spirit goes to in order to complete the zodiac cycle.

   By being the final sign, looking within and creating balance for the future is very important. The expectations of this season have to do with getting lost in your emotions, avoiding problems, and feelings of psychic abilities. This sign represents femininity which ties in with our moods flowing back and forth (just like water).

  Pisces are known as the ladder between time, space, and consciousness. There is a distinct division between fantasy and reality according to Pisceans. Positive and negative traits are always assigned with each sign. For Pisces;

+Positives include: empathy, artistry, emotion-filled, and natural healers. +Negatives include: moodiness, flakiness, and getting lost in thoughts.

  They are also hopeless romantics and very loyal to the ones around them. A large group of people surrounding them isn’t likely for Pisceans but they are highly devoted to them. When it comes to the planetary factors that tie in with Pisces, this sign is ruled by the 12th House and Neptune. Neptune represents creativity, dreams, and the ocean.

  The symbol for Pisces (fish) goes great alongside with the energy that Neptune possesses. Neptune links up with the ideas of spirituality, magic, extrasensory abilities, daydreams, and fantasies. Neptune also relates with drunkenness, sexual abuse, and drug abuse. The imagination and cosmic intuition that derive from Neptune allow these feelings and happenings to occur. The ideas of theosophy, Indian occultism, and Catholicism procure from the energy of Neptune.

   With the dreamy feeling that this planet brings, activities including astral travels and aura connections are recommended! The compatibility of Pisces with other signs have to do with more likeness towards water and earth signs (Scorpio, Cancer, and Capricorn). The only Earth sign that is its opposite is Virgo. This is because of the grounding and practical energy that Virgos have.

  Now, to take a break from the astrological information, Pisceans also have other things that are ruled by them. Crystals to utilize during this time would be bloodstone, fluorite, moonstone, black tourmaline, labradorite, and sugilite.

-Bloodstone helps with the distinction of illusion and reality which is also great for grounding.

-Fluorite aids in mental clarity and used as an energy stabilizer.

-Moonstone reveals hidden secrecies, gives protection while traveling, and strengthens rational thinking.

-Black tourmaline removes negative energy and gets rid of stress.

-Labradorite strengthens communication and allows divine connections.

-Sugilite lets pure love in and activates the crown chakra.

  Plants accommodated for this season would be Lemon balm and Sage. Lemon balm can be used for anxiety-related issues and Sage can be used as a natural cleansing tool.  As mentioned before in our “Aquarius Season” prompt, each sign has specific dominance in the physical body and in tarot cards. Pisces rule the skin, lymphatic system, and feet. “The Moon'' card reviews the subconscious mind and reminds us to always remain intuitive.

 To jump back into the astrological forecast for this season, Mercury has stationed directly into the sign of Aquarius. The period after this retrograde should be dealt with ideas of astral travels and applying what has been learned. Now is the time to break through disillusions and see things for what they truly are. With the hopeful influence of Pisces, concreting any plans and decisions will result in abundance!

  Venus will be entering Pisces on February 25 which will be a time filled with artistry, pure love, beauty, and sensual occurrences. Lastly there will be a full moon in Virgo on the 27th. That full moon will be affecting Pisces’, Virgos, and Sagittarius the most!  The energy of this full moon will bring feelings of organization and securement. The Piscean vibes with this full moon will allow us to think deeply and abundantly about our goals.

 Spellwork can also be utilized for the full moon and generally for this season. The types of spells to do have to do with protection, truth, and inner-spirituality. Spiritual portals will be highly accessible around this time, take advantage and set intention! All in all, Pisces season is about forgiveness and allowing unconditional love to permeate.

  Our main goals for this time is to make sure that we are standing up for ourselves, not getting lost in our thoughts, and securing our purpose. We all coexist in this world and it is important to be compassionate while remaining practical. Majestical Market wishes you the best of luck!