Divine Feminine- “Citrine”

Divine Feminine- “Citrine”

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**Before making your purchase, please use a measurement take to measure at your desired size. 


This waist bead has been created with three different gemstones to aid in harvesting and uplifting our divine feminine that is within. The three gemstones used with key phrases are :

Rose Quartz- expand heart energy ;helps with forgiveness;increases self worth; brings harmony and calmness


  Citrine- attracts prosperity, wealth and success; raises self-esteem and self-confidence; promotes motivation and activates creativity; crystal for solar plexus chakra


    Freshwater Pearls- brings balance to our natural rhythms (connecting with the cycles of the moon); enhance sincerity , wisdom and purity; protection;

increase fertility .


No matter the gender we are all made up of divine energy. This energy, like our chakras, needs to be nourished and maintained. Our divine feminine is our nurturing , creative, compassionate and empathetic side .

      Affirmations to awaken your inner Divine feminine-

•I am a powerful creator.


•I am sacred and my energy is sacred.


•I am sensual and embrace my sensuality.


•I am my own source for healing.