Aquarius Season 2021

Writer- Nayeli Marte; Editor- Emily Harripersaud   
  Welcome all to Majestical Market! Today’s topic is all about the beginning of yet another zodiac season. For the duration of this month and next month, Aquarians will be the center of attention. They are astrologically known as the shapeshifters and simulators of the zodiac, there is a betweenness of dissociation in reality or an intenseness. The expectations of this month have to do with huge breakthroughs and transformations due to the flowy nature of Aquarius.
   Aquarians are the fixed signs for the element of air and are known to represent masculinity. The femininity of this sign isn’t as evident as the masculinity is. Aquarians portray this dominance by taking action, exuding confidence, and taking the time to relax and honor the self. Besides the balance of the feminine and masculine, traits of this sign include uniqueness, rebelliousness, and eccentricity.
   Positive and negative traits are always assigned to every sign; positives include: open-mindedness, humanitarian-like acts, creativeness, intellectualness, and free-mindedness. Negatives include: emotional detachment, emotional intensity, unpredictability, and impulsivity.
   Aquarians don’t really care when it comes to consequences and their acts can be quite random. When it comes to the planetary factors that tie in with Aquarius, Uranus and Saturn rule this sign. Saturn is the planet of tradition, orthodoxy, time, karma, and change. Saturn also represents education, management, and authority while ruling the 11th House. Uranus represents insightfulness and breakthroughs.
   Each zodiac sign typically spends seven years around this planet and the theme is always surrounding revelations and awakenings. Uranus teams up with the ideas of science, originality, and astrology. It also rules over rebellion, individuality, and sudden change. The 11th House is also present with Uranus as it rules in Aquarius.
  With these two planets centering their attention on Aquarius, the act of moving forward for any situation is likely. Another planet that has been in effect with this season is Mars. With Mars and Uranus, feelings of motivation and ambition will be present. With Uranus ruling over in the sign of Taurus, a sense of comfort and confidence is given. The alignment of the planets (stelliums) occurring within the Saturnian signs of Aquarius and Capricorn remind us that growing out of old habits is a must!
   The compatibility of Aquarius with other signs have to do with more likeness towards other air signs or fire signs and dislike towards water or earth signs. Moving past the astrological information, colors and crystals are also important. For Aquarius, colors that correlate are aquamarine and turquoise. These two vibrant oceany colors aid in relieving anxiety-related issues/emotions.
  Crystals that match up are amethyst, black onyx, hematite, and aquamarine. Amethyst helps with remaining in touch with universal guidance and intuition. Aquamarine brings in compassion and helps connect with the inner self. Black Onyx is used for emotional release and a restoration of balance. Hematite detoxifies negative energy and calms anxious emotions. All of these crystals aid in making good decisions and living life to the fullest. 
   Herbs and oils also correlate with zodiac signs. Plants ruled by Aquarius are: rosemary, (strengthens memory performance, anti-inflammatory) fennel, (digestion, gut health) violet, (relieves dry skin) and valerian (anxiety, depression). In an astronomical sense, Aquarians tend to signify the connection between the human body and the universal body. When it comes to the physical body, Aquarians rule the calves, shin, and circulatory system. In tarot cards, each sign has an individual card that represents them.
   For Aquarius, “The Star” holds Aquarian energy and is defined by excitement and inspiration. “The Star” represents community and family and is influenced by celestial objects. Astrological excitement, spiritual security, and inspiration comes from this card.
   When it comes to the Minor Arcana cards in a tarot deck, the “Swords” is representative of Aquarius. To go back to discussing “The Star”card, it is known as a guide and aligns us towards our true purpose. When this card shows up in readings, it reminds us to release in order to receive. The cosmos are in our favor and will be guiding us to realign with our divine purpose. Remain focused on your higher values, increase your spiritual cultivation, and take the time to meditate. This season is all about remaining patient in order to gain the benefits of working on your dreams/goals. Aquarius Season 2021 will make you or break you. Majestical Market wishes you the best of luck!