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How do I know what size to order?

It is highly advised to ALWAYS measure beforehand for your  desired length to ensure CORRECT measurements. There is a resizing fee of $14 for incorrect measurements and the customer is responsible for shipping to and from Majestical Market.


How should I care for Majestical Market Jewelry?

To keep your jewelry bright and shiny for longer :

  • Avoid any direct contact with lotions, perfumes and any other chemicals
  • Avoid wearing when exercising 
  • Avoid contact with water and remove when showering 
  • Store in any cool, air-tight jewelry box



What are crystals?

  Crystals, which have known to be used since ancient times are one of mother natures creations. There are many different ways crystals can be formed. Some formations can occur : when liquids cool and starts to harden, when liquid rocks (magma) cools slowly, through water evaporation and more! Super cool right? Well not only are crystals cool looking but it has been known since ancient Kemet (Egypt) that there is energy attached to all crystals. 

  Each crystal has its own unique vibration and healing properties to assist mankind. With an open mind, certain crystals can help heal physical, mental, spiritual and emotional blockages.