Aries Season 2021

Writer: Nayeli Marte ; Editor: Emily Harripersaud

 Welcome all to Majestical Market! Today’s topic is all about the beginning of yet another zodiac season. For the duration of this month and next month, Aries will be the center of attention. Aries are the first signs of the zodiac and they belong to the element of fire. Aries are also cardinal signs, cardinal signs are the “initiators” of the zodiac. They are representative of birth and renewal. The animal that resides with this sign is the ram. According to ancient history, a god named “Amun-ra” (god creator) was heavily affiliated with the head of a ram. Rams represent determination, boldness, leadership, and nobleness.

  The personality of an Aries has to do with being initiative, confident, brave, and the embodiment of leadership. They are all about dealing with things head on and taking risks. Even though they deal with things better than most, downsides include impatience, aggression, impulsiveness, and short-temperedness. Aries are known to be very dominant, their dominance is evident in how masculine they are and their ruling in the first house. The first house describes our personalities, qualities, ideas, and passions. The planet that rules under Aries is Mars. Mars represents aggression, survival instincts, and sexual desires.

  With this planet playing alongside the sign of Aries, the capability to dominate and create new opportunities is high. While taking control of your life is wonderful, it’s also important to avoid chaos. The avoidance of chaos is best for Aries! The compatibility of Aries with other signs has to do with leaning more towards air and fire signs, water and earth signs can be too sensitive for them.

  Now to take a break from the astrological information, let’s dive into crystals and plants. Crystals to use during this time would be carnelian, citrine, emerald, and red jasper.

-Carnelian reignites high energies (can cause overstimulation).

-Citrine manifests and creates positive changes while aiding in accepting any type of criticism.

-Emerald brings prosperity and uplifting energies.

-Red jasper helps with mindful thinking/acting and increases courage/physical strength.    

  Plants accommodated with this season would be hibiscus, orange peels, nettle, and ashwagandha.

- Hibiscus is used to calm down the intense energy of Aries.

-Orange peels are a strong source of energy and when lit, it can be a stimulation for pure energies.

-Nettle replenishes energy and sustains adrenal glands.

-Ashwagandha is the ultimate support for anything pertaining to the adrenaline glands in the body.

  The plants and crystals listed are likely to soothe the fiery energy that an Aries possesses. As mentioned before in our previous zodiac prompts, each sign coexists with the physical body and in tarot cards. Aries rule the head, blood, and muscle. Running, doing yoga, or dancing is highly recommended this season. Getting the blood pumping around your body helps any energy refrain from being stuck. The “Emperor” card represents high authority, loyalty, and strong grounding energy.

  To jump back into the astrological forecast for this season, Venus enters Aries on March 21st. On March 26th, it will be the luckiest day of the year! On March 28th, there will be a full moon in Libra (establishes balance in all life aspects). On April 3rd, Mercury will enter Aries (investment of new projects). On April 9, Saturn will enter Aqaurius (karmic lessons, lunar axis). On April 19th, Venus will directly enter Taurus (feelings of stubbornness and selfishness).

  During this season, your spellwork should surround the ideas of finance, love, sex, good fortune, balance, and the solar plexus. Our main goal for this time is to practice patience and to think before we do. Remember to be assertive when taking control of your life. Invest in yourself and things will always work out the way they need to. Access the high energies and use them to your advantage! Majestical Market wishes you the best of luck!