Channeled message for Pisces Season

Created by- Jaadia Cassagnol

  If it hasn’t been clear already then maybe this insight might make it clearer. Words are indeed powerful and it is important to recite positive affirmations. A blockage that is often faced when dealing with affirmations is lack of feeling. Affirmations and words are one thing, but being able to feel something that is not there and is powerful. During Pisces season, things are more fluid and mental. 

   This time, more than ever, we have the chance at a fresh start. Reflection and healing is needed in order to grow and pisces season can bring that up. As above, so below.

    One needs to be at peace with themselves before they can grow. Strengthening ones mental can be the key to unlocking the physical and tangible. During this month, each week…try tapping into that energy for yourself. Open your mind to receive the downloads and insights from the universe, your higher self and light. Listed down below are some affirmations that have been channeled for the collective and those wanting to tap into more…


**Affirmations for Pisces season-


+ ‘’My feelings are crystal clear. I am in tune with my emotions.’’


+ ”I am opening myself to receiving insights and messages from my guides, angels and ancestors.”


+ ’’I open myself up to receive unconditional love from myself and the universe.”


+ “I take pride and care of my empathetic self.’’ 


+’’I embrace my natural intution and the creativity within me.’’


+’’I take full mental control of my life.’’