New Moon in Capricorn


Welcome all to Majestical Market! Today’s topic will be all about the upcoming New Moon on January 12/13, 2021. The first New Moon of 2021 takes place in the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn. The sign of Capricorn represents hard work, stability, and grounding. This lunar event gives us an opportunity to sit down and truly plan for the year ahead. Thoughts of organization and arrangements are likely due to the energy of Capricorn. New Moons are always a great time for manifesting. These two days should be used for setting intentions around work, money affairs, and self-alignment. New beginnings are on the horizon, use this lunation to welcome new opportunities! The energy of Capricorn offers us motivation and confidence to push through any challenging tasks that need to be dealt with. The clarity and confidence needed to make strenuous decisions is on its way! This event will be beneficial for reflection of the last 12 months and will strike up our desires for these upcoming months. Below are a few journal prompts for you to deeply think about last year and this new year. Majestical Market wishes you the best of luck! 

  1. Which mistake taught me the most this past year? What did it teach me?

  2. What have I accomplished recently? 

  3. What's an improvement that I see in myself already?

  4. Who do I want to be moving forward?

  5. How can I continue doing better for myself?