Taurus Season 2021

 Writer: Nayeli Marte ; Editor: Emily Harripersaud

Welcome all to Majestical Market! Today’s topic is all about the beginning of yet another zodiac season. For the duration of this month and next month (April 20-May 20) Tauruses will be the center of attention. Tauruses are the second signs of the zodiac and they belong to the element of Earth. They are also feminine signs and have a fixed modality which means that they are always on the move! Tauruses are representative of stability and existence. The animal that resides with this sign is the bull. Bulls are known to be steady and persistent just as Tauruses are. The personality of a Taurus has to do with being dependable, hard-working, and dedicated.  

   Just like any other sign, there are negative and positive traits. 

-Positives include: stability, honesty, and reliability. 

-Negatives include: bad temper, stubbornness, and self-neglect. 

 While being very reliable and kind towards others, they often forget to do the same to themselves. This compassion and love towards others is evident due to Venus being the assigned planet to Taurus. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and sensuality. This planet also represents our sentimental feelings, pleasures, and happiness. The expressiveness that comes from being a Taurus is due to the ruling of the throat chakra. The throat chakra controls our ability to communicate and as a Taurus, reciprocation and fulfilling conversations are highly favored. 

 As mentioned before, Venus rules this sign, so love and friendship are very important to Tauruses. They love the idea of romance and taking part in romantic activities. Relationships are super important to them and they’re always in it for the long run! The compatibility of other signs versus a Taurus has to do with more likability towards earth and water signs, fire and air tend to be too nonchalant for them. While on the topic of planets and astrology, let's discuss the astrological forecast for this season. During this month and next month, a bunch of great things will be happening astrologically. 

April 24- Mercury in Taurus, Squares Saturn in Aquarius (overexcitement and extreme confidence)

April 26- Scorpio Full Moon (focus on transformations, beginnings and endings)

April 27- Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn (life lesson reviews, avoid thoughts of the past)

April 29- Mercury in Taurus, Neptune Sextile (creative flow and dream life imaginations)

April 30- Sun in Taurus, Conjunction of Uranus (necessary changes and new experiences)

May 2- Mercury in Taurus, Trines Capricorn (vocalization in a more practical manner)

May 3- Mercury enters Gemini (easy flow of communication, avoid drama and gossip)

May 6- Venus in Taurus, Trines Pluto in Capricorn (flow of sensual energy)

May 8- Venus enters in Gemini (bringings of curiosity related to love, beauty, and money)

May 11- New Moon in Taurus (organization of ideas relating to new and old manifestations) 

May 13- Jupiter enters Pisces (flow of positive energy relating to dreams and creativity)

May 17- Sun in Taurus (resolutions and confirmations, divine guidance)

May 19- Venus trines Saturn in Aquarius (renovate clothing style and engage in conversations)

Now just like the other signs in the zodiac, crystals and plants have their own association. Some crystals to use during this season would be: 

-jade (strong, durable, promotes healing)

-rhodonite (heals past wounds, gain of inner balance)

-malachite (promotes emotional balance)

-blue kyanite (promotes loyalty and fairness, good for communication)

-green aventurine (protects the heart and attracts love)

  Plants to utilize during this time would be: 

-mint (eases brain exhaustion, improves bowel movement)

-thyme (eases acne and high blood pressure, helps with throat pains)

-violet (aids in congested noses and throat issues)

-catnip (relieves coughs and opens up throat).

  With all this information, this season will gladly be a breeze. Advice for this month and the next would be to work hard and consistently, regulate financial issues, and to remain practical. By doing these things, it ties in with caring for people’s needs and your own needs. Be honest and most importantly be appreciative! Majestical Market wishes you the best of luck!