Channeled Message 10/2

For those whose manifestations have not arrived yet, this is a channeled message for you. In order for you to receive your manifestations you must live in a higher vibration. Everything and everyone is made up of energy. If you wish to have success in all areas of life, you must feel like success is already yours.

Manifesting is more than what people say, mental work is not easy but it must be done. You wish for love, but your heart chakra must be balanced with self love and unconditional love for all.

Things do not always come easy but putting in the work one day at a time leads to results.

Are you understanding?

As above, so below. In other words, working internally helps with grounding and lets the universe know what you want. The universe only listens to vibrations and energy, not the ego or human desires. Often times we forget that and question if the the universe is on our side. Let go of doubt and focus inward to create what you desire.