Chakras and Energy Points

By: Devynn

  You may have heard of the chakras before. Maybe you’ve heard of your “Third Eye” chakra, maybe your “Root of Base.” You may have heard these things in passing without knowing these energies are part of you. These concepts have been around for centuries beginning in Eastern civilizations. These are “spinning wheels” of energy, the pure life force, known as “chi” energy by the Chinese, “prana” in Hindu spirituality, “qi” in Japanese tradition, and “Ruach” in Hebrew traditions. These traditions are different than the ones in Western civilizations and practices. They differ in many ways as Western practices include colors and different ideas. The understanding of the energy points is generally the same.

  There are said to be about one hundred chakras, but there are seven main energy centers that are part of your physical body of light, the inner spirit. They manage every aspect of your being. Physical aspects show how they manage certain parts of one’s body. Psychological aspects manage how we develop our beliefs and feelings. And Spiritual aspects manage and understand our psychic abilities and connecting to our higher, spiritual selves. They’re important because they hold transformative energy, giving you the ability to manifest thoughts, beliefs, and desires into physical existence. Bringing them into alignment is key for improving your overall welling. It’s believed that your chakras have your soul’s journey recorded. 

  Let’s start with the Root or Base energy center, Chakra, which is arguably the most important because if this one is out of alignment, chances are your others are as well. This center means support, safety, security, and survival.  The color associated with it is red and it’s located at the base of your spine/pelvis. This is the energy center of your grounding, physical identity, basic needs, grounding, and foundations of life. You know this is blocked or out of alignment when you find yourself insecure, acting out of fear or anxiety, have illusions of paranoia, greed, negativity, or cynicism. If you feel like you live in survival mode, chances are your base is out of alignment. In order to heal and realign your base chakra, activities in nature will help. As well as yoga, grounding meditation, colors, and sounds of nature and red. A great crystal associated with this is Red Jasper.

  Your Sacral Chakra is the sacred home of the self located just below the navel. It represents your creativity and emotions as well as the color orange. It’s associated with your feelings and sensations, sexual expression, and pleasure. This is where you form your foundation of self, enjoyment of life, and your relationship with yourself and others. When your Sacral Chakra is blocked or out of alignment, you may feel ruled by your emotions depressed, numb, or out of touch. It also brings a lack of desire or satisfaction and makes you codependent on people, situations, or substances. To help heal this energy point, surround yourself with water, eat orange foods, and keep essential oils around. Try hip-opening meditation poses or meditating with orange things. A great crystal associated with this is Red Aventurine.

  The next energy point is the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is located at your upper belly/ diaphragm and associated with the color yellow. It’s associated with personal willpower, self-esteem, independence, and your personal opinions and beliefs. It controls your metabolism and digestion. When it is blocked or out of alignment, you may experience feelings of low self-worth, anger or control issues and helplessness. A blocked Solar Plexus can lead to misuse of power or manipulative behavior, procrastination, difficulty making decisions, and lack of direction or purpose. Physically, it may cause digestive issues. To help heal this energy point, spend time outside, in the sun, and building core strength. Yoga poses that will help are the warrior, boat, and sun salutation. Eating yellow foods and meditation with a Yellow Jade crystal and Tiger’s Eye can be beneficial. 

  Located at the center of your chest, your Heart Chakra is the fourth energy point. This chakra is associated with the color green. It represents love and compassion, just like our heart! It’s associated with generosity, gratitude, relationships, empathy, and your ability to grieve and forgive and accept. As well as being  associated with transformation and change, when your Heart Chakra is blocked or out of alignment, it may cause feelings of jealousy, fear, anger, grief. It may cause codependency, defensiveness, and isolation. You may feel a need to please others and an inability to forgive. To heal and open this chakra, practice greater acceptance, be open with yourself about your emotions, listen to happy upbeat music and open your heart to positivity. Repeating positive affirmations may help as well as meditation with green aventurine crystal and eating green foods. 

  Your Throat chakra is associated with the color light blue, and yes, your throat! This rules purification, and your ability to communicate and express. It’s associated with your inner truth, authenticity and ability to turn dreams into reality. Because it’s controlled by your throat, it dictates your ability to listen and express yourself and uncover your true purpose. When it’s out of alignment, you may be shy, secretive, fear judgment and have difficulty paying attention. It brings a lack of control over your speech, trouble speaking your truth, and an inability to listen to others. Physically, you may have symptoms of sore throat, shoulder stiffness, headaches, and thyroid issues. To heal; make your voice heard, express your thoughts and opinions, and try meditating with Throat Chakra crystals like Amazonite. Massage the tension areas, drink lots of water, and surround yourself with blue. 

The Third Eye Chakra is located between your eyebrows. This is associated with dark blue/ indigo. Which means perception and intuition and is your sixth main energy point. It’s associated with your connection to the outside world, wisdom, insight, inspiration, creativity and psychic abilities; like clairvoyance. It controls your head and eyes, so when it is out of alignment, you may experience headaches, dizziness, depression, anxiety, and memory problems. You may have trouble trusting your instincts, tapping into your intuition, lack clarity and you may come off as judgemental or dismissive. To heal and align, visualization meditation with indigo and a Sodalite crystal. Eat dark blue foods like blueberries, plums, and eggplants. Sound therapy and acupuncture may assist as well as essential oils. 

The final main chakra is the Crown energy point, associated with the color purple and is located at the top of your head. This represents consciousness and enlightenment. Our Crown Chakra is associated with your higher state of consciousness, spirituality, awareness, presence, bliss, clarity and wisdom. Because it’s over your head, when out of alignment you may experience chronic fatigue, migraines, and feelings of disconnection or mental fog. You may live in your head, isolate, or be closed-minded. To heal, try slow and gentle yoga regular meditation practices, or sitting in silence. Watch your personal nourishment and make sure you have healthy habits and eat healthy food. Essential oils like jasmine rose, and lavender may help as well as Amethyst crystals. This layer blends in with the white energy layer of pure light and encompasses all your other energy points. 

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