Cutting Energetic Cords

By: Devynn

So, you’ve finally cut them off, finally decided to physically remove yourself from the negative situation. Maybe, you want to start anew with some people. That’s great! You’re moving towards acceptance, you’re growing. Greater acceptance for a person, people, a place, maybe even a situation. I want you to take a moment to applaud yourself, give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve progressed a lot from where you were. Now it’s time to give one last push to finally getting rid of that weight on your shoulders, that underlying anxiety. It’s time to start anew.

The reason it may be tough  to finally let them/it go is because of the strong energetic cord that’s still lingering. An energetic cord is invisible to the naked eye but it forms between our physical bodies and other peoples, places, or situations. They can be positive and empowering, like your connection with a romantic partner, best friend, or parent. These connections are strong and they keep you in tune with everything. When things turn negative, there is still a strong bond that becomes confining and harmful. 

In this article, I’ll be going over two cord cutting rituals that have helped me, and will hopefully help you. Keep in mind that if these aren’t ones that call out to you, there are hundreds more online you can try. You may also need more than one session, I had to do these three (3) times to feel the results, so be patient, change isn’t made overnight.

The first ritual is a pretty basic releasing strategy. I recommend this to help with just about every situation and all you need is a paper, pencil or pen, and a lighter. The first step is to create a safe and comfortable place for you to sit down and write. It’s important that you reflect on all the memories, both good and bad. Write and release as much as you can about it all. You appreciate the good, appreciate the good times, the memories. The next step is for you to reflect and vent on all the times the person, situation or place hurt you or made you feel bad. Allow all your negative emotions to spill onto the page, ALL of them. If in between your releasing you need to take a break, then do so. It can be difficult when all of these feelings arise. So if you feel the need to cry, then cry, if you need to take a walk or go for a run then allow yourself that. Scream, yell, get it all out. And when you’re ready to come back, continue to release anything and everything you have pent up. Express how you feel at that time, how you want to move forward with the connection if at all, if you decided that enough is enough express your gratitude once again, but write that it’s time for you to start a new chapter in your life. One without the negative influences. This paper, or papers, that you’ve written, you can take a picture and send it to the person, if you feel like you need proper closure and an actual end to the connection. But with the original, go outside, I recommend being near a body of water if possible, and sit alone in silence to bring yourself to a resting point. Using the lighter, in the safest way possible, burn the paper. When you burn the paper, imagine your stress and anxieties about this person, situation or place, burning away as well. By burning the paper, you’re telling the universe that you no longer want these energies in your life, you don’t need these influences holding you back or preventing your growth. If you need to cry during this time, let out all your repressed emotions. And as the paper comes to an end, sit and visualize how you’ll be moving forward. How you’ll be able to grow.

If that method didn’t work for you, or you’d prefer another way, the second cord cutting technique can be done through meditation. I recommend doing this with essential oils, meditation music and music to help essentuiate the ritual. You’ll also want to make some time for yourself and like the last ritual, be open to any emotions that may arise. Begin by grounding yourself and centering your body. Detect the light within yourself and take note of the color you see, maybe white, red, green. Tune into the light that lays within you and feel your power and know that you are safe. Try and find the energetic cords that extend from this body of light, there may be many, both good and bad. Intentionally instruct the energetic cords that bring you happiness to come back to you, watch the number of cords decrease. As for the ones that you don’t want to come back to you, follow where they lead, observe where the connection started. As the memories come back, be grateful for the good times and everything they taught you. Understand and go over why you no longer need to feel the need to be connected to them. Allow yourself to surrender your emotions, the happy and sad. As you release any emotions bring love to the surface. Let the old and attached energy out. Now envision yourself cutting the cord. Your own light and inner energy will be doing most of the work, but be open to these changes. Visualizing scissors cutting the cord may help with this process, but observe and allow your soul to rid the energy from your body. It may be beneficial for you to invison new positive cords forming from your body of light back to yourself. The power is all within you as your soul cuts the cord. You may feel the need too do this ritual more than once to help fully rid yourself from the energy and that’s okay. Allow yourself to continue to release after the meditation through journaling, venting or running. Whatever works for you. During this ritual, allow your soul to take control and help you release in your best way possible. 

Be gentle and understanding that you’re growing and it takes time. 

When you forgive, you heal. 

When you let go, you grow. 

Source - The Seasonal Soul: A Mystic’s Guide to Inner Transformation by Lauren Aleffa

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