I & Me: Harm & Harmony within the Ego

By: Chris Molina, Majestical Market Blogger

On the pathway of constant renewal & enlightenment, understanding the idea of the image from an outer gaze is imperative, confusing, and perhaps more than anything, self critical. This can be evident in how our “achievements” rely on how we see and manage our self image.

When we become acquainted with what sense of self is and how to apply information about personality types on a daily basis, peculiar things can happen.

Simply put, the ego can be defined as the facade of character that a person has. In Freudian and Jungian terms, it is the focal point of your mindfulness and the system of your individual being.

For instance, external stimuli that may strike a chord when it involves oneself is a matter of the ego. Thoughts regarding oneself, convictions, belief systems, social and public affiliations, wants, fears, and considerably more establish ones conscience and ego.

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