Intention setting and Meditating

By: Devynn

  Believe it or not, you don’t need much to embrace or get in touch with your spiritual side. No, you don’t NEED candles or herbs, or even pretty smelling incense. All you need is yourself and a positive mindset. Spirituality is all about your intentions. What’s your goal, and do you believe in it? Do you believe in yourself? The best way to help get your head in the right state is through meditation. And before you say you can’t meditate, think again. Think about what you’re looking to accomplish through meditation. 

  Meditation is the act of silencing your ego and believe it or not but it’s not just done by sitting silently and saying “hummm.” You can meditate while you cook, run, dance, whatever best helps you clear and silence your mind. The intention you set will make all the difference. If you go into it with no intentions, chances are little to nothing will happen. But if you ask your guides to help you ground yourself, maybe give you answers, or even just clear your head for a moment, chances are, they’ll come through.  By really believing in your ability to receive what you’re looking for. It’s oftentimes difficult to believe, which is why meditation takes time to really achieve. Fake it till you make it, keep focusing on your goals, keep repeating your intentions, and over time, you will manifest the clear head you’re working toward. Mindful meditation is a process and does take time to master. Don’t get mad at yourself after the first time.

  Your soul knows your true intentions of everything so lying to yourself won’t help. When you’re setting your intentions, make sure that you’re clear, specific, and honest. Saying it out loud or writing them down helps. It’s part of manifesting. So manifest a practice for yourself that helps you realign your body, mind, and spirit. 

As for meditating, I struggled to figure out ways that work for me. It’s difficult to shut off my mind, so I had to start forcing my mind to stop. What I do to help me was focus on my senses. I start by feeling my fingers and hands from the inside. I work my way up my body from the inside. Feeling up my arms, and I go down to my toes and feet. Focusing on the feelings inside my body. Sensing your body helps you become more aware of yourself on more than just a physical level. It may also help you to visualize your main 7 energy points. I start at my Root Chakra and work my way up to my Crown Chakra. I feel my body adjust and relieve itself. I’ll repeat positive mantras to myself to help me open up my mind. I give myself my own time and energy, focus on myself, my growth and who I will become. It doesn’t always work, I still struggle, but if you’re persistent and keep at it, you will be able to meditate. 

Ask yourself this when beginning to meditate: 

What are you committing to? Where do you plan on going and how do you plan on getting there? 

Happy Meditating!

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