Knowers Gaze: The Importance of Present Awareness & self Cognizance

By: Chris Molina, Majestical Market Blogger


Our existence unfurls in the present. Yet, so frequently, we let the current sneak away, permitting time to skim through almost imperceptibly. This can cause a waste of the valuable seconds of our lives as we dwell on what we conceive in the upcoming future while reflecting on the past

Memories, recollections of the past, or fret about what could conceivably occur later on, these dwellings are variables to a lack of value for the living present. Human behavior & the human mind is by nature very fickle, but also very stagnant & aversive to change. To say these are recipes to stagnancy & anxiety would be an understatement

Heart, mind, and self awareness is to channel energy to achieve active, open, intentional attention on the present. One is not their mind, rather observers of their mind. Keen awareness of this enables pellucid observation of thoughts from moment to moment without judging them

This involves being with thoughts as they are, neither grasping at them nor pushing them away. Clarity is vision for one to fruitfully experience life, rather then let it slip

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