The Power of Affirmations

By: Jaadia C-B

“What’s your goal in life?” Success is the answer of most.

 As much as we would like to believe success is something that happens overnight it is not. What separates the successful from the not, is the tool that they use to navigate their everyday life. Your mind the most powerful tool you have. In todays world, we are surrounded by tools to either help us succeed or fail. And the choice is up to us which path we will take. 

 In order to stay on the path of success, it is important that you know how to navigate the most important tool that can make or break you. Our minds is what creates our realities and brings our dream to life. And in order to bring your dream life to fruition, you must remove the negative and toxic habits that have already been programmed in. This isn’t impossible but it does require discipline and time. 

 With that being said, there are plenty of  tools to navigate and better your mindset. One of my favorites are positive affirmations. Using positive affirmations can transform your life in ways you would’ve never imagine.

 The fist step is to open your mind to wanting to transform your life. Because without having an open mind, there is no point to these affirmations. My next suggestion is to be mindful of your current thoughts before utilizing affirmations. This can bring insight to what you may need to work on and also what you may lack. Journaling can great when it comes to reflection and being mindful of what you are currently feeling. And the last step, once you feel present with your current reality now it is time to change it. 

 It’s important to start off small to build foundation to this journey. Some beginner affirmations I like to tell myself are : 

  • (Insert your name) is confident. 
  • (Insert your name) attracts good vibes. 
  • (Insert your name) is becoming the best version of herself everyday. 


 The beauty of this journey is that your affirmations can be unique to you and what you may need in that moment. My favorite way to use affirmations is either saying it in the mirror, in a journal and even your notes app on your phone. This shouldn’t be something that you overthink. Rather something that flows and is used when needed. 


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