The Usage of Crystals in School

By: Jaadia Cassagnol-Brown

Does school tend to be challenging for you? Do you get overwhelmed with stress and anxiety? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! It’s quite common to feel the difficulty of getting into the flow of school and the work that comes with it. What also can be tough is finding the confidence and motivation in order to complete these tasks. These minor difficulties actually can be taken care of with crystals! Crystals are a great help in concentration, relieving stress and anxiety, and bringing in confidence. Some of the information provided will be based on personal experiences but are open for you to try! Crystals are assembled from the Earth itself and the individual energy each crystal has assists mankind by aiding in our interactions with our higher selves. Crystals have the bewildering ability to influence and interact with our personal energy fields. They absorb all energies (positive and negative) and also are just mesmerizing to look at. There are many ways to use crystals, for example wearing them as an accessory is something that you can do with them. Below is a list of some crystals to use for academic activities!

  • Fluorite- stress-fighting properties, wards off negative feelings, and brings in motivation
  • Clear Quartz- aids in retaining information easily, improves focus
  • Green Tourmaline- promotes productivity, eliminates negative energy, and purifies energy
  • Honey Calcite- enhances confidence and courage, provides a calming effect, and provides clarity
  • Tiger’s Eye- provides determination and diligence, fights off any test anxiety
  • Amazonite- promotes relaxation, yields a zen feeling

Now, whether it’s being worn as jewelry or not, familiarizing yourself with any crystal you decide to have in your possession is highly important. In my experience of being a certified crystal healer, utilizing your senses to acquaint yourself with any crystal is

key! Utilization of your senses has to do with what your crystal looks like, feels like, and even smells like. By having crystals in your care, a new bond is bound to be formed. Think of crystals as your new best friend or better yet your therapist! After picking and purchasing your crystal, it is advisable that you state your intentions with what you want from your crystal. In this case, we are discussing students so some effective affirmations that you can use are: 

·         I am confident in the work that I’m producing

·         I enjoy the subjects I am studying 

·         I easily understand and retain what I study

·         I am capable of being a great student 

·         My ability to learn is improving every day

Alright, time to get more personal. Dedicate time with your crystal’s vibrations and allow it to assist you. If this is your first time using crystals, try to focus on the sensations with a clear and open mind. Once dedication is shown, you can wear it as jewelry or keep the crystal nearby. Our minds are full of potential and we can unknowingly block our own intuition and energy. Remember to remind yourself of the power that is already within you! Your crystal is a tool and is here to help you <3

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