Understanding the Four Elements

By: Devynn

 Earth, Fire, Air, and Water are the four (4) basic elements in the universe that are needed for life. These ideas date back to Greek philosophy and have expanded in today’s society. We now know and believe in the power these elements hold. For individual practices, they can be used for cleansing, meditation, spells, rituals, rejuvenating, and connecting. While you read this, keep in mind that spirituality is what you make of it, even without physical objects or elements, you can find the results you seek with good intentions. All of the elements are powerful on their own, and some are more useful than others depending on the goal, but all of them together are incredible. 

 Fire element is fast, passionate, bold, and bright. This masculine energy is great for fast results, but be careful it is dangerous and can be harmful if used incorrectly. You can utilize the sun and candles for physical components. Burning rituals and practices can be intense, but rather helpful for manifestations to reach you sooner. Because fire is such a wild and unpredictable element, I do urge you to use caution and manifest this energy within yourself rather than using its physical elements. 

  For the water element is a bit slower and the opposite of fire. It’s feminine and is light, free, flowing, and energetic. Up to 60% of the human body is water. Water energy is best used with emotions and creativity. Using the moon and her phases, your strongest emotions can be confronted and healed. Intention showers and even just drinking water can help calm, center, and ground us. Even sitting and meditating by a large body of water can be helpful. Florida is a great pure water solution you can add to rituals and ocean water, or saltwater, and be beneficial for including some stable Earth energy. The energy of water is some of the softest, most tender, and loving. 

 With the element of air it can be a bit challenging to manifest. But there are a few ways we can use it to cleanse, protect and heal. The wind and simply fresh airs are very freeing and free-flowing. Thus, when you’re overwhelmed or upset, it’s beneficial for one to go outside and take a breather. Using the smoke from incense, sage, palo santo and fire is how we can physically manifest and cleanse with the element of air.  Using oils and water in diffusers is another way one can use both water and air elements. Setting an intention over the water is recommended. 

 Earth energy is the slowest moving energy, but it is the most stable, sustainable, and expansive. Mother Earth is all around us and having plants inside can increase this energy in your home. Meditating outside with your feet on the ground is a strong method of grounding yourself and connecting to the higher self. Sand and salt are also physical elements of Earth that can be used in rituals. Crystals, herbs, and weed are also all physical ways of connecting to the higher self while connecting with Earth elements.

   There are plenty of other ways to connect with these four elements. Finding what best suits yourself is recommended. Using one’s birth chart is another way to deep dive to find out which elements are most dominant and can be easier to work with. We hope to have helped open your mind to some new knowledge. Many blessings and healing to the collective!

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