Vedic Astrology: “By: Chris Molina”

      The Sanskrit word for Vedic astrology, or Hindu astrology, is jyotiṣa, loosely translating to "light/heavenly body," and also the modality seems to possess first appeared within the Rigveda, an ancient Indian text (though some assert it has been around since 10,000 B.C.).

     In its earliest days, Vedic astrology was accustomed determine important dates for sacrifices and rituals. Over time it became increasingly personalized; people started studying its planetary movements in an endeavor to grasp their own destiny.

   It's associated with other ancient Indian practices including yoga and ayurveda, and the same as Western astrology, it offers us a guide or road map to a stronger understanding of our physical, emotional, spiritual, and even monetary experiences.

   In comparison to Western astrology, which bases charts on the "tropical calendar" (which most of the globe uses) and therefore the four seasons, while Vedic astrology charts are calculated using something called the sidereal system, which looks at the changing, observable constellations. (Western astrology doesn't change within the same way and works with the planets' fixed positions.)

   Another interesting distinction is that modern Western astrology has become more psychologically oriented, where Vedic astrology relies upon one's individual Karma.
Vedic astrology utilizes special aspects—each planet has a specific aspect or set of aspects, along with different strengths that are applied to that specific aspect.

   Vedic Astrology is primarily based totally at the philosophy of Karma and Reincarnation.

   Karma explains reason and impact as well as the pressure generated via way of means of someone’s actions. Throughout the operations of the Law of Karma, the manifestation of best justice is apparent. We aren't punished for our sins, as all and sundry believes incorrectly, however we're punished via way of means of our sins. We aren't rewarded for our appropriate acts however we obtain our praise thru our characteristics and traits obtained via way of means of having done those appropriate deeds in preceding lives.

   In essence, we're our very own judges and executioners.

•Aries: Mesha (April 13–May 14)
•Taurus: Vrishaba (May 15–June 14)
•Gemini: Mithuna (June 15–July 14)
•Cancer: Karkata (July 15–August 14)
•Leo: Simha (August 15–September 15)•Virgo: Kanya (September 16–October 15)
•Libra: Tula (October 16–November 14)
•Scorpio: Vrishchika (November 15–December 14)
•Sagittarius: Dhanus (December 15–January 13)
•Capricorn: Makara (January 14–February 11)
•Aquarius: Kumbha (February 12–March 12)
•Pisces: Meena (March 13–April 12)

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