Halloween Blue Moon 2020

Welcome all to Majestical Market! Today’s topic will be all about the upcoming full moon on October 31, 2020. October 31, or more commonly known as Halloween will consist of a Blue Moon. The reasoning behind the name “Blue Moon” is because of it being the second Full Moon of this month. An illumination of this will come to light at 10:51 AM EDT and will fully appear later that night. For the next 6 days, we will be under the influence of this rare lunar occurrence. This Full Moon will be in the sign of Taurus; Taurus is the sign of money and materialism. With the Moon acting upon this sign, monetary blessings and a releasement of ancestral or generational debt will occur. While the Moon is in Taurus, the Sun will be in Scorpio. The energetic combinations of Taurus and Scorpio will bring us in touch with our emotions (inner-selves and sensitivities). This Full Moon is also coexisting during Mercury Retrograde. It’s favorable to know that during this time, old habits will die out and inner healing is a must. By letting go of old customs and healing authentically, wondrous transformations are bound to happen. With all the rare energy, tonight is the perfect night to safely partake in rituals and spells (money, love, self-growth). Since this Full Moon is all about grounding your energy, other activities to participate in would be lowering your caffeine intake, light exercise (jogging, walking, yoga), dancing to pragmatic music, and most importantly speaking your truth. Full Moons are a time of creative outpourings, completions, and harvesting. The energy that this night brings will confidently move you forward with your dreams and intentions. It only happens once in a blue moon!