Libra Season 2020


Welcome all to Majestical Market! Today’s topic will be all about Libra Season. Some facts about Librans is that their symbol is The Scales, their ruling planet is Venus, their mode is in Cardinal, and their element is Air.  Libra season officially started on September 23 and will end on October 22. The close of the summer season is marked by the beginning of Libra season and the fall equinox. The September Equinox is an energetic portal that accelerates deeper levels of our understanding of ourselves, others, and the unconscious systems in any situation. This equinox offers us an amazing opportunity to balance our feminine and masculine energies. We view a unique balance between light and dark and with that, there is potential in increasing our individual awareness. Libra season also offers a great time of balance and stability. This is a remarkable time to embrace our inner powers in order to see things clearly for what they are. Remaining open-minded is a necessity for September-October! Libras tend to get caught up from looking at things from a disinterested angle which leads to overthinking and ultimately never getting to where they want to be. The feelings of indecisiveness and hesitation will sneak up on us but it is vital to make satisfactory decisions and move forward. You may catch yourself getting more displeased than usual when it comes to things, people, or situations that don’t bring you inner peace. Cut these unhealthy attachments off and continue doing good for yourself. By doing right by you, Jupiter and Venus will offer beneficial advantages and restoring energy will be present. The sign of the scales is irrepressible and this energy will be with us all month long. Dig deep, let go, and trust the process!

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