Mercury Retrograde 2020

Welcome all to Majestical Market! Today's topic will be all about the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. Mercury’s last period of retrograde for this year will begin October 13 and will end November 3. Now when we hear that Mercury is going in retrograde, we automatically feel irritated because of the changes that occur during this period. These changes tend to leave you feeling uneasy but they’re necessary for growth! What is Mercury Retrograde? When a planet goes in retrograde it appears to be traveling backwards with the zodiac sign alongside it. Mercury goes into this backwards motion three times a year and is associated with frustration, delays, and confusions. However, this is an agreeable time to reflect deeply on the past. The importance of reflecting during this time will allow us to understand the genuine motives behind what we did in the past. With Mercury traveling back to Libra, we will be encouraged to review our approach to relationships and friendships. This cycle will be about investigating the depths of our intentions, motivations, and actions. By going into deep exploration, this permits us to embrace the essential transformation without fear. This is an amazing transit that proposes an extraordinary healing potential. This retrograde is on its way soon and will offer an astonishing effect on your mind, body, and spirit. Majestical Market wishes you the best of luck!

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