444 - Protection and Passion

444 - Protection and Passion

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-Length: 18"

-Gold Plated 444 necklace

-Gemstones: Red agate, Carnelian and Clear Quartz 

-Closure : Lobster Claw

-Handmade and wire wrapped 


There are only two available in this design at the moment! Originally created only as custom piece! This wire wrapped beaded necklace has been handmade and wire wrapped with reiki healing intentions. 

With the combination of Carnelian, Red Agate and clear quartz, I have created an energy grid to promote protection and uplifting energy.

Clear quartz is used to amplify the energy of protection and creativity. Red agate and Carnelian, both very similar properties are known to be connected with one’s SACRAL chakra. These stone balance your creative, sexual and passion side maintaining the right amount of energy.

Artist of all kind can benefit from these stones.

Angel Number Meaning:       

 444- (The protection) 

The universe, God and your spiritual guides are protecting you.  

Listen to your intuition and honor your body. You are at harmony  

with your higher self. Pay attention to your thoughts and  

environment when seeing this number.